The WSU Presents series offers you the opportunity to participate in the intellectual life of the University. The topics are of general interest and cover a broad range of subjects, including science, art, and literature. The lectures may be seminars, invited or honorary lectures by the faculty, reports on research, or lectures by visiting scholars.
media player logo Distinguished Faculty Address
4/1/2005    WSU Presents: Mark G. Kuzyk

media player logo The Role of the Scholar in the Postcolonial World
3/29/2005    WSU Presents: Ngugi wa Thiong'o

media player logo Strategic Investment, Information Technologies, and New HR Practices
3/24/2005    WSU Presents: Kathryn Shaw

media player logo Drug Pricing: Costs and Remedies
2/24/2005    WSU Presents: David Sclar, Anthony Bonanzino

media player logo Quality of Life in the Era of Longevity
2/24/2005    WSU Presents: Robert N. Butler, M.D.

media player logo United States' Hegemony, Arab Oil, and the Making of Democratic Europe
2/18/2005    WSU Presents: Ellis Jay Goldberg

media player logo Festival of Contemporary Art Music/td>
2/12/2005    WSU Presents: David Crumb

media player logo Faculty Composers of Contemporary Art Music
2/10/2005    WSU Presents: WSU Faculty

media player logo The Virgin of Guadalupe: Interpreting Devotion
1/25/2005    WSU Presents: Alma Lopez

media player logo The Contemplative Dimension of the Gospel
11/7/2004    WSU Presents: Thomas Keating

media player logo Washington State University Jazz Festival
11/3/2004    WSU Presents: Jazz Northwest, WSU Jazz Big Band

media player logo Globalizing Students to Take on Tomorrow's Challenges
10/13/2004    WSU Presents: Ray Cesca

media player logo Can You Be Both a Leader and Entrepreneur?
10/6/2004    WSU Presents: Joseph P. Micatrotto

media player logo C.A.R.E.: My Nursing Career Journey
9/23/2004    WSU Presnets: Carol Reineck

media player logo Casting Contemporary Art
8/31/2004    WSU Presents: Mark Anderson

media player logo Readings and Reflections on Published Works
3/2/2004    WSU Presents: Jimmy Santiago Baca

media player logo Ice Age Art and Archeological Interpretations
3/1/2004    WSU Presents: Margaret Conkey

media player logo Putting Ideas of Race in an Historical Context
2/25/2004    WSU Presents: Chris Friday

media player logo Festival of Contemporary Art Music
2/21/2004    WSU Presents: Michael Gryc

media player logo Shakespeare Meets Confucius: Leadership in an East-West Context
2/18/2004    WSU Presents: Frederick E. Peterson

media player logo The Geology of Mars
2/5/2004    WSU Presents: John Wolff

media player logo And the Winner Is...The 2004 Presidential Primaries
2/2/2004    WSU Presents: Travis Ridout, Ashley Grosse, and Mitch Pickerill

media player logo Kids and Television: Which is the Consumer and Which is being
1/28/2004    WSU Presents: Erica Austin

media player logo Becoming Evil: How Ordinary People Commit Genocide and Mass Killing
11/6/2003    WSU Presents: James Waller

media player logo Archeological Traces of Lewis and Clark
10/21/2003    WSU Presents: Julie Stein

media player logo Vulnerable Peoples and Global Enviromental Change
10/21/2003    WSU Presents: Roger E. Kasperson

media player logo The Phoenix Mission to the Mars polar Regions
10/18/2003    WSU Presents: Michael H. Hecht

media player logo The Insurance Industry in Transition
10/7/2003    WSU Presents: Mike McGavick

media player logo Edward R. Murrow and the 21st Century Threat to Democracy
10/3/2003    WSU Presents: Frank A. Blethen

media player logo The Business Case for Diversity
10/1/2003    WSU Presents: Gerald A. Fernandez

media player logo Threatening Clouds Over Our Enviroment
9/25/2003    WSU Presents: Cecil Andrus

media player logo Role of University Research and Education in National Security
8/27/2003    WSU Presents: Robert C. Bates, George Nethercut, David Crandall, Jay Davis, Leonard Peters, Victor Reis

media player logo Can We Win the Battle of HIV/AIDS?
7/2/2003    WSU Presents: Jane Miller

media player logo White Collar Crime Symposium
4/25/2003    WSU Presents: A Panel Discussion

media player logo War & Words: The Challenge for Today's Journalist
4/16/2003    WSU Presents: The Murrow Symposium

media player logo Through These Portals
4/11/2003    WSU Presents: Wayne C. MacGregor, Jr.

media player logo The Current Bush Presidency and American Electorate
4/10/2003    WSU Presents: Gary Jacobson

media player logo Living by Photosynthesis
4/9/2003    WSU Presents: Gerald E. Edwards

media player logo Earning a Place at the Table; Benefit Cost Analysis Comes of Age
4/3/2003    WSU Presents: V. Kerry Smith

media player logo Diversity: An Opportunity, Not a Challenge
3/28/2003    WSU Presents: John Brooks Slaughter

media player logo Gender Equity: 30 Years Later
3/27/2003    WSU Presents: Sally Savage, Sue Durant, Sue Armitage, Melynda Huskey, Cindy Frederick, Virginia Thomas

media player logo Microsoft and the Law
3/27/2003    WSU Presents: Steven Crown

media player logo An Evening with Tom Foley
3/11/2003    WSU Presents: Tom Foley

media player logo Who Speaks for America?
3/4/2003    WSU Presents: Louis J. Rodriquez

media player logo Where Does Knowledge Come From?
2/28/2003    WSU Presents: Lewis R Binford

media player logo Public Policy in an Open World
2/24/2003    WSU Presents: Philip Cerny

media player logo Indians, Fishing, and Treaties
2/20/2003    WSU Presents: Julia Kane, Billy Frank Jr., Charles Wilkinson

media player logo Celebrating Black History
2/18/2003    WSU Presents: Carl Mack

media player logo As I See It
2/14/2003    WSU Presents: Leonard Pitts

media player logo Religion in the Workplace: If, How, and When?
11/3/2002    WSU Presents: Scotty McLennan

media player logo Readings from Published Works
10/23/2002    WSU Presents: Al Young

media player logo Problems in the Health Care System
10/18/2002    WSU Presents: Sidney Wolfe

media player logo The Strange Enigma of Racism in Contemporary America
10/10/2002    WSU Presents: Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

media player logo Whose Really on First
10/1/2002    WSU Presents: Dave Pallone

media player logo A Year After 9/11 Part 1
9/19/2002    WSU Presents: Our Nation and Society Now

media player logo Killing the Messenger
5/23/2002    WSU Presents: Christiane Amanpour

media player logo New York Trade Center: Reflections on the Engineering & Thoughts for the Future
5/2/2002    WSU Presents: Jon Magnusson

media player logo Tunnel Vision: Imaging Molecules and Mapping Electron Flow
4/23/2002    WSU Presents: Kerry W. Hipps

media player logo Forgive Us Our Press Passes: America and the Media
4/10/2002    WSU Presents: Daniel Schorr

media player logo Winners and Losers in the World of the 21st Century
3/12/2002    WSU Presents: Joel Migdal

media player logo Globalization: Should We Embrace, or Fear It?
10/25/2001    WSU Presents: The Foley Institute

media player logo Woman at Risk and an Introduction to Eating Disorders
2/23/2000    WSU Presents: Linda Fearn, M.D

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