• Please note that Macintosh users must use firefox for the chatroom to work.
  • First it is important to determine if you are using the videostream chatroom or the WebCT chatroom. The videostream chatroom is the only chat tool supported by videostreaming and has the login screen displayed in the picture below.

  • If you are using the videostreaming chat room and are unable to connect to the room try the following to solve the problem.
  • Note that the URl on the following image is followed by a ":503". This is the specific port that the web browser must use in order to access the chatroom. Some browser and networks for security reasons do not allow a users to link to a non standard port.

  • At the class page put your mouse over, but do not click, the link labled chat and take note of the entire URL shown in your browser.

  • Manually type the entire URL in your browser address bar. Please note that your web browser must support javascript for the chatroom to work properly.

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