Having problems with you videostream dropping out or loosing quality?
Try adjusting the network transport settings in Real Player to improve performance.

  • First detirmine how your Real Player is connecting to the media by checking the Playback Statistics.

  • To Change Network Transport open up the preferences in Real Player Located here:

  • Next click on Network Transports

  • Click the check box labled Manually configure connections settings and click RTSP Settings

  • Before making any changes make a note of how your player is currently configured.

  • Refer to how your player is connecting to the stream with the information you gathered from the Playback Statistics.

  • To force the use of a protocol uncheck the other boxes. For example if you are using UDP try TCP by unchecking all boxes and leaving the TCP box checked such as in the example below.

  • If you are using TCP try UDP

  • If you have tried both TCP and UDP try HTTP. Note that some networks require the use of HTTP and will not work with TCP or UDP due to firewalls and other network configurations.

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